Opening Bank Account

Documents Required
  • Valid Business Registration Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation and subsequent Certificate of Change of Name (if any)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Articles of Association and any amending resolutions
  • Minutes/Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and confer authority on those who will operate it (if any)
  • Latest Annual Return Form AR1/NAR1 (or NC1/NNC1/NNC1G) plus all subsequent Form(s), including D2A/ND2A and D2B/ND2B (if any), Return of Allotments (SC1), and Instrument of Transfer listing the particulars of the Beneficial Owner(s)
  • Organisational chart (if any) (certified by a director) showing the percentage of shareholdings, the country of incorporation of each intermediate company, and the Beneficial Owner(s) of the company
  • Banker’s Reference (if any)
  • Documents from Director(s) (necessary to form the quorum for Directors’ meeting under the constitutional documents of the company and applicable law for signing the account mandate), Beneficial Owner(s) and Authorised Signatory(ies) :
  • Identification documents

    Residential address proof (e.g. utility bill issued within 3 months) (if needed)

    Proof of nationality, e.g. passport (for persons not holding a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card)

    Permanent address proof (if permanent address is different from residential address) (if needed)

    Banker’s reference (if any)

  • Identification information of all Directors (name, ID no. and type)
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